What is a BTC Address

What is a BTC Address

Trading Crypto online can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing, but you will also need to learn a few other skills and terms. What is a BTC Address? What is BTC? What is ETH, LINK, XRP? There are hundreds of these codes in the crypto space. What is a Digital Wallet? What is Blockchain? To trade crypto online, you need to know what some of these terms mean but don’t stress; you do not need to know it to be a successful trader.

Let’s break it all down and talk about a few of the basics you need to know.

What is BTC

What is a BTC AddressBTC is an Acronym for Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic or digital cash. It is a decentralized digital currency that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin blockchain network without the need for intermediaries. It is powered through blockchain technology.

BTC is only one of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies and the one you hear the most about because it was the first and most commonly traded crypto.

Some other examples are


These are just a few of the hundreds that you can now trade in various ways.

What is a BTC Address

What is a BTC Address

A Bitcoin address or BTC address is an identifier or string of alphanumeric characters representing a possible destination for a bitcoin payment. Typically, it looks something like this – 1BvKRBUFytWmrxTFn6Mu4m4GYg7xJaKRI5

If you want to know more, Wiki has a good definition of Bitcoin address 

You can get a BTC address to send and receive Bitcoin from any exchange that deals in crypto or an online wallet service.

Like sending an email, you can send bitcoin to a person by sending bitcoin to a unique BTC address.

A BTC address should be copied and pasted using the computer’s clipboard wherever possible. It is unique, including capitalization, and for this reason, an incorrect address will most likely be rejected. The possibility that an incorrect address is accepted is approximately 1 in 4.3 billion. Now you know what BTC is and a BTC address, let’s talk about a wallet to hold your coin.

Ledger Live Coinify

Best Crypto Hard Wallets

What is a Digital Wallet

What is a BTC AddressA digital wallet is just as it suggests – A place to store your crypto coins. When I first bought BTC, it was around 10 years ago, and it was a big ordeal and very confusing. These days it is relatively easy. There are numerous options available to store your coins. A place like CoinJar is a good place to start especially if you’re in Australia; they are based in Australia. In a place like CoinJar or CoinSpot, you can purchase digital currency and store it in your digital wallet. Another good option to start no matter where you live is Coinbase.




Check out the video below from Coinbase that will give you a bit of an idea about wallets and a BTC address.

An option like this is a good place to start if you are going to trade cryptocurrency because you can link your bank account and transfer/convert your fiat currency into crypto and store it. You can also send crypto to your digital wallet and withdraw it straight to your bank account. You can invest, exchange, buy, swap and sell all under one roof.

There are also what they call Hard wallets you can use for storing your crypto offline. They provide cold storage for your coins, but we may delve more into that at a later time. Most crypto exchanges operate in a way now that you can transfer your fiat currency into a digital wallet linked to your account and start trading straight away.

You really need to spend a bit of time researching your needs to find what will work best for you as far as transferring /holding your digital assets. Some are good, some are bad, do your research. Some have high fees and limited services. I could forever talk about digital wallets, so I will leave it there and devote another section to this topic.

What do I Need to Trade Crypto

So you want to start trading well, hang on. There are a few more things you should know first. I am only going to discuss the basic of what you need in this space. I will go into details on another post for each topic. This is just a brief overview.

Now you have your Digital wallet setup, and you may have even purchased some crypto. Now you need a place to trade your crypto. There are many options to do this as well. As you are probably already aware, crypto does not have the best reputation. There are many scams and unethical dealings out there, so I am only going to talk about what has worked for me and what I would recommend. Firstly I want to say I don’t trust anyone else to look after my money. I make all my own decisions. I believe no one else has my best interest in mind except for me when it comes to my hard-earned cash/crypto.

I make my own trading decisions and place my trades myself on a reputable exchange like FTX or Binance. These are some of the largest Free Trading Courseand most trusted exchanges in the crypto space. Because they are the largest, they have a lot of liquidity which makes for good trading.


Charts you will also need some charts to watch your trades setting up and implement your strategy. Most exchanges have their own charts, but you will want a dedicated charting platform for your technical analysis. I use Trading View for my charts. They are straightforward to navigate, and the free version is good to get started.

I won’t go into strategies, mindset or psychology of trading, but you need to have some skills in these areas for successful trading. I will cover these in other posts. Let me know if you want me to discuss a particular topic; drop me an email at dave@2dsirecrypto.com.

Putting the pieces together now, you have a BTC Address.

As you can probably tell by now, if you have read this far that I trade technical analysis and place all my trades manually, I don’t trust anyone else to do this for me. I don’t use trading bots and don’t copy trade. I have only briefly touched on what is required to trade crypto, and putting it all together is not hard but needs to be done the right way to ensure success.

A BTC address is one small part. You will need an address for each coin you want to hold in your wallet. We need to talk about a few more things before you jump into the exhilarating world of trading Crypto, but I hope this information has given you a bit of an idea of what a BTC address is and what it takes to trade crypto successfully.

Be the Best you can Be

Crypto Dave

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on 2dsirecrypto.com is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

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  1. I am starting to learn about BTC. And recently I cam across a string of numbers and letters and later discovered it was a BTC address.

    At first I felt the idea of not having a support team to call if something went wrong with the transaction a bit scary. Now, I have gotten used to it. But there are always certain things we should always watch out about.

    1. Yes it can be a bit scary when you start with Crypto, thanks for the feedback and remember I am here to help with all your crypto questions if I can.

  2. Very nice for me to understand what a  BTC address is and everything that I need to know about it too. It is the first time I’m reading anything about crypto online and it’s because I’m looking to start up something in this line. In this post, you didn’t only say what a BTC address is but you also told me about what BTC and how to go about trading it. I’m happy to learn. Thanks!

    1. Glad I can help Jackie. If you are happy to learn, I am happy teach what I know and what has worked for me. In future post I will be explaining exactly how I trade and give you all the info to fast track your journey to wealth with crypto. If you want to learn something in particular just let me know Jackie and I will share what I know in a post.

      Be the Best you can Be

      Crypto Dave  

  3. Hello there, crypto is making some really good wave and I have to admit there are lots of people who are willing to invest in it and that’s really good. Seeing how you’ve helped a lot of us out there to understand what a bitcoin address is, makes me really happy. Such knowledge would go a long way to helping people understand it better

    1. Crypto is the Future, you can learn it or get left behind, I choose knowledge. I am happy to share Lawson just ask if you have any questions about crypto. The more we can help each other the wealthier we all will be.

      Crypto Dave

  4. Hi Dave,

    I have been interested with Crypto for a while. I read on and off, here and there to gain knowledge to convince myself of trading. The legitimacy is uncertain. There are scam mail that have been sent to me. Someone from crypto stole my ID and demanded Me to buy crypto currency. I was so upset.

    This article offered me an opportunity to clarify more about crypto, what it is, how to trade, save, BTC address and meaning of it. It made me more knowledgeable in crypto space. You have clarified some key concerns to feel comfortable with BTC trading. I have found a lot of help to look at the tech chart, choosing a wallet etc. Thank you. Anusuya

    1. Hi Anusuya

      Glad that you got something out of my article, if you are keen to start with crypto start with this Free Course https://2dsirecrypto.com/Free-… it is brilliant and will step you through all the processes of setting up accounts and purchasing your first Crypto and I can guarantee you it is not a scam, I am part of the community there. 

      If you are worried about scam have a read of this article https://2dsirecrypto.com/bitco… and if you have any questions just drop them into the comments and I will be sure and get back to you.

      Creating Wealth with Crypto

      Crypto Dave

  5. Wow! At the start I was like what are these words and how am I going to come to know them, but as I read I easily got them into my head, I must say you explained them well even for someone like me who doesn’t have much knowledge on the krypto world!

    I might take a more deeper look into online krypto as it doesn’t seem as complicated as I first thought.

    Thanks for sharing this;

    1. It is not as complicated or scary as people think, it can be quite simple and still very profitable, that is why I love crypto. Have you started the free course yet? You learn heaps there.

      Crypto Dave 

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