Trade Crypto Currency Beginners Guide

Trade Crypto Currency Beginners Guide.

Learn how to trade crypto currency beginners guide. Previously I have spoken about general stuff to do with trading crypto, options that it gives you and what is required to be a successful trader. Now it’s time to drill down a little and start to focus on some basics that you will need to know to become a wealthy trader.

To trade crypto, you need to set up a few things first. Let’s get into it and covers those first.

What You Need

Trade Crypto Currency Beginners Guide.
Trade Crypto Currency Beginners Guide.

Being a learn toTrade Cryptocurrency Beginners – Guide”, we will start will the basics.

My goal is to give you a general overview more about the Trading side of things, so I will go into a lot more detail on digital wallets, exchanges, how to transfer your coins etc.

In future topics, however, I will mention them. If you would like any more info on something specific, just drop me an email at or keep an eye out for future posts. I am here to help when and where I can.

A good place to start your crypto journey is the free ebook I offer Bitcoin for Beginners
or the Free course Become a Trader. The free course covers all aspects of trading. It includes setting up your charts, opening your accounts, managing your risk and much more.

Buying your First Coin

CoinSpotSo you will need a place to buy the coin and transfer crypto etc. I started with Coinjar and Coinspot simply because they are reputable and Australian; yes, I live in Australia. Another good option to get started is Coinbase. You can even earn some Free Crypto at Coinbase.

You can also transfer fiat currency or crypto straight into an account on your exchange of choice and start trading if you don’t want to bother with multiply wallets.

Exchanges are very safe and secure these days. You may know the acronym KYC; it stands for Know Your Customer. KYC is a verification process you will need to go through when you sign up and start trading on an exchange. You typically need to send in some form of identification to get verified, like a passport or photo ID – a license and some secondary document like a utility bill with your name and address on it. Once you are verified and passed KYC, you can start trading.

More than likely, you will end up trading on more than one exchange. Not all platform have all tokens available to trade. Choices are good, right! You might trade some on one platform and different coins on another platform as an investor you want options. If you want to move large amounts of crypto around quickly, you will find size limits on certain exchanges may restrict you, but if you have coin in multiple platforms, you can move some from one and more in another. Plus, you aren’t keeping all your eggs in one basket as you should not being a savvy investor.


You have your account set up and want to start trading right – Woah!! Hang on, not yet. You need a good understanding of the market. What coins are you going to trade? A good place to start is CoinMarketCap I don’t use their exchange but do research there. You can see what the market capital is and volume/volatility.

I typically only trade the top 100, but they have over 7000 listed. Yes, 7000, and you thought there were only Bitcoin and a few others. There are thousands of coins to choose from. You can also see what volume is traded for each coin on a particular platform. This can help you decide what exchange to choose to place your trades on. So go and have a look and do a bit of research on Coin Market Cap. There is a lot of good info there.

Decentralized Finance made EASY


You can do a lot of analysis on Coin Market Cap, and there are heaps of places to do Fundamental research. I am not going to go into fundamentals because I personally do not use fundamental analysis. I only trade technical analysis, I have made my system 100% mechanical, so I don’t need to make a subjective decision about my entries. My trades either meet predetermined requirements or they don’t, simple, NO maybes. If they tick all the boxes, I place the trade if they don’t let it go.

Technical Analysis

Volume, RSI, MACD, Moving averages, Trend, Head & Shoulders, Shooting Stars, Inverted Hammer, Fibonacci, Candle Sticks, are just a few terms you will hear when using Tech analysis, but don’t let them scare you. You don’t need to know them all to be successful. In fact, I only use a few simple indicators and three strategies that work on any time frame and any market that’s it. So don’t get overwhelmed. I use the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Trade Cryptocurrency Beginners

Indicators – Which Ones?

Your charts Should NOT look like this; that is a mess. Over the years, I tried to learn everything about tech analysis. I thought the more I learned, the more I could apply to my trading to be more successful.

Well, I’ve got news for you, my friend, it Does Not work that way. I have gone back to the basics and only use price action and a few indicators and guess what it works better than all the other more complicated strategies that I have tried over time. I found the more indicators that I added, I could find another reason to keep me out of that trade, so you end up not trading. Not a good strategy to create wealth.

Because this is only a beginner guide, I will not go into details about strategy now. You need to find what works for you. You might end up trading fundamentals only; who knows. I will cover my exact strategy in a future post, the simple tech analysis strategy works good for me, but we are all different. What works for me may not suit you. As far as a strategy goes, you need one that gives you an edge and must be consistent with how you implement it, which leads me to the next topic.

Learn to Trade for FreeTrading Plan – What is it?

Failing to plan is planning to fail – That statement could not be more true when trading.

To be successful, you MUST have a solid trading plan. You must plan your trade and Trade your Plan. Your strategy is not your plan! a good strategy will include goals, risk management, trade mechanics, schedule, and how to manage your undesired outcomes. If you can’t write all this stuff down, you have not got a trading plan, full stop.



Psychology – What has that got to do with Trading?

Everything!! Believe it or not, psychology plays a massive part in your trading success. Your head must be in the right place. If I am sick, I do not trade. If I am tired, I do not trade. Trading psychology is not optional; you MUST learn it.

Trading psychology is too important and too big a topic to go into detail now. There is a lot of good info on the net if you are keen to get started on the topic. If you’re really keen, shoot me an email at dave@2dsirecrypto, and I will give you my recommendations or have a quick look at the video below from Mark Douglas. That will give you a bit of an idea about Trading Psychology. I will talk more about Mark Douglas and this topic in future posts – It is essential.


But I Just Want to Start Making Money.

Buying Cryptocurrency is simple; a good trading strategy can be simple. Consistently making profits is not so simple if you can’t put it all together. There is more to just opening an account and buying and selling. If you think you don’t need a plan, you are wrong; you are guaranteed to fail. Trading successfully and creating true wealth does not have to be overly hard or complicated. You just need the right information, the right attitude and enough discipline to put it all together.

I hope you have enjoyed my Trade Crypto Currency Beginners – Guide. I’ll leave it at that for now, but if you want to discuss anything about this topic or want to share, please leave a comment below or drop me an email at

Remember Be the Best you can Be

Crypto Dave

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own

8 thoughts on “Trade Crypto Currency Beginners Guide.”

  1. Crypto currencies is something that’s a put if people are going into now and it’s very dangerous to just Burst into something you don’t know anything about, that is why this kinds of training are essential to enlighten you about what trade crypto currencies is all about and how you can best

    1. If you don’t educate yourself you are guaranteed to fail, education is essential for success in creating wealth. If you spend a bit of time and learn the trade so to speak, it does not have to be hard and complicated to create wealth with crypto.

  2. Hello Dave, crypto is something that I have been looking to go into for quite sometime now but I have not gotten the chance to yet. All the same seeing this beginners guide really got me hyped to want to give it a try because one needs to have a broad perspective of a thing so as not to lose money. Is trading cypto the same as trading options?

    1. Hi Jackie, you can trade options contracts with crypto so yes however I personally do not trade options, I mainly trade perpetual future contracts. This is one of the reasons I find Crypto so interesting you do have a lot of “Options” pun intended.

  3. A very interesting and informative article. I would definitely like to learn more about crypto currency trading I will do my own research over the holidays. Of course having a  trading plan  and knowing how to work the plan  with a strategy that works for you  as just as important as a good attitude and the right discipline. I would definitely need to study  the trading psychology as the rewiring of the mind is very important, especially as   it relates to  learning how to disconnect from different trading outcomes. The video by Mark Douglas was also enlightening and I will make some time to read a few of his books listed below.   

    1. When it comes Trading Psychology Mark Douglas is by far the best. 

      Trading itself is easy the hard part is putting it all together the Free Course ===>>… is an excellent place to start your journey to Wealth with Crypto.

      If you need any help on your trading journey just reply below and I will help you out where I can or there is a Facebook page ===>>… there are a lot of good articles and you can ask any questions on there also.

      Happy Trading

      Crypto Dave

  4. I have heard of many people being rich and living fancy lives from online investment companies.  I like the way you outlined how to teach and guide the beginners to trade in crypto currency. It’s  everyone’s desire to invest and make a good living out of it but the main worry  and concern would be how legitimate is the investment company we are interested investing in.

    1. The only person you need to invest in is yourself, learn to trade crypto for yourself and make all your own trades 100% Legit. Yes, you can make a very good living from trading crypto but the question is…

      Can you trust yourself to take the action required and start here with the FREE Course? ==>>… Today – it’s free education to financial freedom.

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