Trading psychology edge

The Trading Psychology Edge

The trading psychology edgeWhat is the trading psychology edge? Do I have to take a trader psychology test? What has psychology got to do with trading crypto? – EVERYTHING

It doesn’t matter what sort of trader you are or what market you trade, psychology will play a massive part in your success. If your head is not in the right space for trading I guarantee you will lose. Every market is driven on fear and greed you need to learn to control your emotions if you want to make money from the market. Trading crypto does not have to be hard, in fact, the way I trade is simple, putting it all together and having the right psychology to trade successfully is not that easy. Let’s have a chat and see what the trading psychology edge is all about.

Fear & Greed

Greed is usually described as an irresistible craving to possess more of something (money, material goods) than one actually needs. Greed = Buy Buy! BUY !!

The emotion of fear is usually characterized as an inconvenient, stressful state, triggered by impending peril and awareness of the hazard. Fear = Sell! Sell!! SELL!!!!

“financial markets are driven by two powerful emotions – greed and fear.” so the old Wall Street saying goes. Have a look at Wikipedia for an interesting take on Greed & Fear ….. See how it relates to the markets, interesting hey.

Keeping Emotions in Check

Trade what you see, Not what you think. I love that statement, I printed it out and pinned it on the wall behind my trading screen. This is a real photo that I took while writing this article that is how important this stuff is to me. I keep it there and read it every day like a ritual before I start my morning scan of the market, that is a part of my trading plan. I use it to remind me of those important things before I trade – Every day!

Why, because it helps me to be mechanical in my decision-making, by that I mean I can make decisions based on fact without emotions coming into it. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a machine, emotions will always come into it, I am only human right but what I am saying is you need to learn to keep your emotions under control.

If you trade with the wrong emotions it will not end well, you need to make clear decisions based on facts not feelings. As soon as you let emotions creep into your trading you are setting your self up for a loss.

Fear & Greed

I have done it myself, I have blown up a few trading accounts letting fear and greed get the better of me. You know you place a trade on a perfect setup, watch it just about hit your profit target and then turn around and smash your stop loss. Then the next trade you get an even better setup so you risk a little more on this one, you know so you can make a bit more back from the last lost.

What happens, you get smashed again but now you have lost more because you risked extra, you get mad/angry at the market, you think it was a perfect signal it should have worked. So now you start to look for trades that are not even there, you want to trade just so you can get back at the market because you have to make up for that loss.

Sound familiar, I think anyone who has traded has been there at some point. You need to understand that the markets can do anything at any time and accept this. I now have rules in my trading plan that if I have a certain amount of loss in a certain time I stop trading. If I feel tired I do not trade. If I feel sick I do not trade. If I have other stuff going on I do not trade. Why – because all these things will stop me from making good decisions. Your head Must be in the right space when trading.

Develop a Wealthy Mind

It takes work to develop a wealthy mind, for me anyway. It is more than just reading positive quotes and following my trading plan. I need to constantly work at it, that is why I have that piece of paper stuck to the wall above my trading computer because I need to remind myself of this stuff.

I have recently started to use a routine as well and have also started using meditation, all these things help me to trade from a better place. This way I trade with my checklist also help with this and also ensures I don’t miss something important.

Like I said the way I trade is simple but not necessarily easy, I need to constantly work on the discipline and psychology stuff. It does not matter how good you think you are you will need to work on this to some degree if you want to be a long term trader, it may come easier for you or you might have to work hard on it like me but it Must be a part of successful trading.

Mark Douglas

I was lucky enough to learn about Mark Douglas early on in my trading career. I bought the book Trading in the Zone because it was a must-have book, at the time I think I was trading options. I skimmed through the book and thought yeah yeah I know this stuff. Fast forward 10 years and I actually read the book this time – WOW. It just made so much sense to me this time, all I can say is – it is not a must-have book, it is a MUST READ book.

Routine & Discipline

So you thought you could just open an account learn a strategy and make a few bucks, well you can and you might have but if you haven’t got it ALL together you will not be around long term. One of the worst things that can happen to a new trader is having a few wins on bad trades. Guess what, then they start to place bad trades because they have formed bad habits and it doesn’t work. They blow up their bank and stop trading, blaming everything else except for themself.

You need to have a good routine in place and be disciplined to be a long term successful trader. You must keep records of your trades, you must review your trades. I take screenshots of every trade I place and also write comments on them so when I review them I know what I was thinking when I took the trade. Sometimes I will mark a trade as a good loss.

Yes, you can have a good loss. It is when everything in my system/strategy was right but the trade didn’t work that is a good loss. A bad loss would be when I broke one of my rules or missed something when I put the trade on and it was a loss. You can only pick up on this if you keep good records. No, it is not the fun part of trading for me but it is necessary for success.

Free Crypto Trading CourseConclusion

So for me having the trading psychology edge has meant I have had to learn a lot about myself. You can dismiss all this stuff and think it is crap but any real successful trader uses it, that alone is good enough for me.

It has meant I have had to implement a routine, I have had to read some books, I have written some rules, I have learnt to be present, I have to be disciplined but for me, it is all worth it. Your routine might be a lot different from mine you might be a lot more disciplined than me, but no matter how good you are you will need to work on your trading psychology. If you have any good ideas or suggestions related to trading psychology or just want to let me know what works for you write a comment below or drop me an email at and remember…………

Be the Best you can Be

Crypto Dave

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

10 thoughts on “The Trading Psychology Edge”

  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on the trading psychology edge. I’ve gone through it and it’s an elaborate one and very educative. I find it very helpful because I’m hoping to become acquainted with cryptocurrency. I agree with you that before you become a good trader, you have to read books and be disciplined amongst other things. I’m still working on my trading so definitely I would work on my trading psychology too. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. It is one of, if not the most important parts of trading, make it a priority to learn good trading psychology. What strategy are you  intending to trade?, the books by Mark Douglas are good for all markets, the psychology of trading is the same for them all. 

  2. I will admit that is my first time hearing of trading psychology or even anything about psychology being able to help a person with trading but after reading your article, I gained a better understanding of the principle which you introduced in it and found myself learning a lot from it. I think this is something that can be applied to all types of trade. 

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more on greed, Dave. 

    I have to say although I do know about that part of the human weakness and I’m almost confident it won’t be a problem, it always is. You don’t know how many times I lost made a loss after my graph was looking so good, I guess greed gets to the better of us especially when reality hits and you really need that money. Hope I can be as calm and collected as you!

    1. Hi, Riaz, that is why I trade pure tech analysis and use my checklist, nothing is subjective. I know my strategy works so I am not worried about the outcome just worry about executing perfect trades. 

      If I can follow my plan and execute trade flawlessly I will profit. Since I have been trading this way and can control my emotions better the money has started to flow. Have you had a look at the free course yet?… it will help your trading and remember…

      Be the Best you Can Be

      Crypto Dave

  4. Thanks a lot for this wonderful piece of article. I’m guilty of both fear and greed. I’ve been through a lot regarding trading. I really need to develop a wealthy mind and then some discipline. Thank you again for this, I’ll try and put the lessons from here into practice.

    1. Hi Peter, that is exactly the reason I trade the way I do now and use the checklist list. It stops me from making silly decisions out of emotions like Fear & Greed.

      The best advice I can give you to get some confidence back in the market and start making winning decisions is to do the free trading course  Start with the course and put what you learn into practise it will help.

      Crypto Dave

  5. Very interesting take. Psychology plays an important part in all of our every day choices regardless of what they might be. We think, we act, we process information, we construct, we destroy; it all involves a psychological response from our brains to all of this. It took me by surprise this whole new perspective that I’ve gotten myself into after reading your article. Who would have even thought about the possibilities of these connections.

    1. Hey Stephanie

      Glad you got something out of the post. You are exactly right Psychology plays a massive part in our life but especially when it comes to trading.

      You can learn a lot about yourself when trading.

      Be the Best you can Be

      DeFi Dave

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