Learn to Trade Crypto

Learn to Trade Crypto

So you want to learn to trade crypto, but where do you start? There are so many exchanges and places to buy coins these days, and the choices. How will I know which one to buy? What strategy to use? Should I use technical or fundamental analysis?Bitcoin

How often do you want to trade? What charts should I look at? What indicators should I use? The questions go on and on. To learn it all yourself can take a lot of time and a lot of trial and error. You may not even have success. In fact, most traders don’t have success. Only a few % every make it as successful traders.

So what does it take to be successful? Well, the first thing you need is a good mentor. Someone who has achieved what you want to. Someone who is successful and is willing to show you the how. A good mentor can teach you everything that you will need for success.

They will teach you how to manage your risk and how to develop a solid trading plan. They will teach you how to enter trades and teach you when NOT to trade. A strategy is only a small part of being successful. Trading psychology also plays a massive part in your success.

OK, enough question, let’s get some answers for you…

Why I use & Recommend Trader Cobb

I have been trading for around 20 years, various markets with varied success. I use technical analysis and have traded Futures, Options, FX, Stocks and now crypto. I have been trading crypto exclusively for around 9 months now. I was lucky when I first started looking into crypto because I found Crag Cobb straight up.

Craig is a full-time crypto trader and the founder of Trader Cobb. His course is the complete package and includes everything you need to know to be a successful trader. They have various levels of support to suit everyone’s needs, and the best part is you can start for Free.


Yes, the “Become a Trader” course at Trader Cobb is free. You will get exceptional value from this course that includes 3.5 hrs of short videos covering all the basics like – the fundamentals of trading, reading charts, understanding price action, reading trends, using indicators and risk management.

The free course is presented in 13 short videos lessons that you can watch over and over. Even if you are an experienced trader, you need to start with the free course because Craig builds the foundations for his three strategies to purchase when you go on and do the “Become a Master” course.

Become a Master

The free course is great, but if you seriously want to become a trader, you will want to go on and purchase the exact strategies that Craig Cobb uses himself. Craig has developed these strategies over the years as a professional trader. They not only work on crypto, but they will work on any market and any time frame.

When you buy the strategies, you get an additional 8.5 hrs of videos broken down into 15 lessons. In these lessons, you will learn how to use the three proven strategies that work in any market conditions. You will also learn risk management, create your trading plan, Trading psychology, and track and record your results for review.

It really is the complete package, and there are also some other subscription services available. They have built a trading community that shares potential trade setups and discuss trades based on the three Cobb strategies. Craig also posts there daily and provides a daily market scan.

If you want to take it a step further, you can subscribe to the Live Trading Floor. This is a daily market scan with Craig himself that happens every morning before the daily candle closes. You also have the option to become an apprentice where you will work with a pro trader for an entire year, or you can get mentored by one of the mentors at Trader Cobb.

As I said, Trader Cobb has the entire package, everything you will ever need to become a successful trader.

Why Trader Cobb

Because he is more than some Guru flogging a course, and for me, experience matters. Crag walks the walk and can talk the talk. He is passionate about his community and always has their best interest in mind. Craig will tell you how it is just the facts without all the fluff and BS. What he teaches is proven and works; that is why I recommend you have a look at Trader Cobb.

The other good thing about the strategies that Craig teaches is that they work on all time frames. The crypto markets are open 24/7, so you can literally trade whenever you want. You can trade a lot of trade a little, and you can trade when you like as well.

The reason why I recommend Trader Cobb

  • Proven strategies that work on any timeframe
  • Beginner-friendly courses
  • Free to Start
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Backed with Support
  • Trading Community
  • Subscription services

One of the most important factors about Trader Cobb is that he genuinely cares about his community. He always has their best interest in mind. For me, that goes a long way. Trader Cobb is the real deal.

===> Trader Cobb – FULL Review <===

Putting it ALL Together

I won’t lie. There is no Holy Grail strategy or Get-Rich-Quick program when it comes to being a successful trader. You need to work at it. You need a solid Trading Plan, you need the right Trading Strategies, and you need to learn to manage your risk. On top of all that, you need to have the right Trading Psychology.

This is why I think Trader Cobb will give you the best chance if you want to learn to trade crypto. Trader Cobb is not just selling a strategy. They give you the complete package. Everything you need for success. Getting this sort of help and support is what you need to become a successful trader.

Sure, you can go it alone, but I can guarantee you will have failures along the way. Even if you buy a strategy, that alone is not enough for success. Risk management, trading psychology, trading plans etc… are all important parts of trading that you need to master to be successful. You need ALL these components, not just a strategy.

Final Thoughts

If you want to Learn to Trade Crypto, I can honestly say that Trader Cobb is an excellent place to start. Start with the free trading course. This will give you a good idea of what the strategies are all about, and then you can decide if you want to go on and purchase the Become a Master course.

It really is a complete course and will set you up with the best chance for success, and the best part is you can try it for free. If you want to Learn to Trade Crypto, get the free course from Trader Cobb and start your journey to Wealth with Crypto today!

Be the Best you can Be

DeFi Dave

! DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on 2dsirecrypto.com is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

4 thoughts on “Learn to Trade Crypto”

  1. I have been trading in the stock market for years now and have been pretty happy with my returns. I have been pretty late to the crypto game, but  I want and need to get a lot more educated in it. There are so many cryptocurrencies out there, it’s kind of overwhelming. So Trader Cobb is something that I could definitely benefit from and I will certainly look into it more deeply.

    1. If you have been trading for a while, you will love the Trader Cobb course. You will love the crypto market. I use to trade other markets, but since I have found crypto, that is all I trade now.

      I have also learnt how to make some great returns investing with crypto. I am currently getting around 100% returns on my investments, NOT trading buy passively.

      Anyway, have a look at the free course you will soon know if it is something you want to do or not.

      DeFi Dave

  2. This was so interesting to read, I went on to sign up to Trader Cobb’s Free Trading Course.  I have been interested in trading for the past 4 years and have dabbled in it with some little funds.

    One thing I know is that you should not trade with what you cannot afford to lose hence starting out with small amounts of cash to begin with.  Like $300 or $100.

    I’ve never tried trading Crypto, but have a neighbour who wants to start a neighbourhood class in the local community centre.  Good thing I discovered Trader Cobb.

    This means I will learn some knowledge moving forward.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article with me.

    1. Hey Stella

      Glad you enjoyed the post and great to see you started the free course. I think you will find it great and yes you can start will a very small amount and built it up from there.

      Trader Cobb has a great community so if you have any questions just reach out or ask here. The only stupid question is the one not asked.

      Be the Best you can be 

      DeFi Dave

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