learn about crypto currency

Learn about Crypto Currency

So you want to Learn about Crypto Currency but don’t know where to start, let’s review Cryptoversity and see what you get

  • Do you want to learn about Crypto but don’t really know where to start?
  • You might be HODLing Crypto, but do you really know what BlockChain is?
  • You want to learn to trade Crypto but don’t know where to start.
  • Do you want to know how to make your crypto impossible to steal, hack or lose?

These are just a few of the things you can learn at Cryptoversity.

Let’s have a look at The Worlds First Online School For Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.

Cryptoversity Overview.

Belong To Something Bigger Than Yourself

“Leading people to freedom through education and awareness.”

That is the personal mission statement written by Chris Coney, which ultimately leads to the creation of Cryptoversity, the world’s first online school for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Cryptoversity is an online structured series of video that covers everything related to crypto. Let’s have a look at the courses.

Blockchain Security Essentials

Learn How To Make Your Crypto Impossible To Steal.

There are 22 video lessons in this module covering everything security related to blockchain, wallets, crypto and scams. There are also 5 bonus ideas and access to a community to discuss security topics.

The Digital Money Revolution

Master The Basics Of Bitcoin And Own A Stake In The Future Of Money.

This module is broken down into sections as below.

  • Introduction
  • Bitcoin The technology
  • Bitcoin and Currency
  • Why Our Current System Is Broken
  • Bitcoin Wallets
  • Supporting The Bitcoin Economy
  • How To Get Some Bitcoin
  • How To Spend Bitcoin
  • Conclusion

Each section has multiple video’s, around 50 in total. This module is the complete guide from setting up your wallet to purchasing and spending Bitcoin.

The Secrets Of The Bitcoin Triangle

Discover The 21 Fast Track Ways To Make And Save With Bitcoin (Starting From Scratch)

This module goes into a bit more depth about wallets and covers ways to send and receive Bitcoin, and introduces you to ways to start earning Bitcoin. There are over 40 videos in this module with a few bonuses as well.

Money Likes You

Introduction to turning your social media time into an automated income stream.

This lesson shows you how you can earn crypto through social media. If you didn’t know you can do that, you need to get this course, it reveals it all and even includes a few bonuses.

This course includes:

  • 14 Video lessons In HD
  • 1 Interactive Map
  • 6 Text / Image Lessons
  • Full lifetime access
  • 2 Free bonus products
  • Email and chat support

Crypto Exchange Mastery

Make Crypto Trading Second Nature By Mastering Exchange Mechanics

This module relates to crypto exchanges and features Binance, which is the largest crypto exchange. It has several sections as well and includes topics like…

  • Account Setup and Security
  • Trading
  • Live Trading Examples
  • Binance Bonus Tools
  • Advanced Trading
  • Decentralised Exchanges

Each section has several videos and relates to the Binance exchange but is relevant to most major exchanges.

The Master Crypto Trader

Learn A Complete System For Trading Crypto & Multiplying Your Bitcoin

If you want to become a crypto trader, then this is the one for you. It covers all over 8 modules, including basics, your edge, how to set up your charts, using indicators, risk management and placing and managing trades.

Once again, each module is broken down into a series of short videos that you can go back and watch over & over, so what does all this cost…….

Free Content

If you are still unsure and want to see what it is all about for Free, you can get a 3 part video series from this link ==>> FREE 3 PART VIDEO SERIES.

Paid Content

There are two options. You can purchase just one series like “The Master Crypto Trader” for $50 with Lifetime access or subscribe monthly and become a Cryptoversity patron, which costs – $59 per month. So you can buy just 1,2, or all the courses if you want to become a patron.

A 60-day guarantee backs all the courses.


I think that Cryptoversity is an excellent idea, it is very well structured and priced, and because it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, I don’t think you can go wrong. Cryptoversity really is the complete package as it covers a lot of information that other courses don’t, and I think the way they have made it so you can purchase any of the courses individually is great.

It doesn’t really matter how much or how little you know. You will find something in there for you. The way it is structured is straightforward to follow, and when you purchase a course, you get lifetime access, so you can go back and watch it whenever you want. It is also great that Cryptoversity provides support and access to a like-minded community.

Courses are great with good info, and prices are good with a money-back guarantee to learn about blockchain and everything crypto. I don’t think you can go past Cryptoversity.

For all these reasons, Wealth with Crypto highly recommends Cryptoversity. If you have any questions or would like to know more about Cryptoversity, drop me a message in the box below or click the image above and remember……..

Be the Best you can Be

Crypto Dave

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on 2dsirecrypto.com is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

6 thoughts on “Learn about Crypto Currency”

  1. I have been hodling some ETH and I was excited to see it has gone up. From all the other coins, ETH with it’s smart contracts has really interested me. I think Vitalik Buterin’s vision will make this coin play a key role in the future.

    But I really need to learn more about the blockchain and these other interesting projects that are springing up around the ETH ecosystem. I’m interested in enrolling into the Cryptoversity.

    1. They have a great course on Blockchain, you can purchase just that one if you like, that is one of the reasons I like Cryptoversity. 

      I will have to look into the version you mention, I have been looking at Vectra Coin it is pre ICO and looks very good and uses the best features of all the coins.

      Thanks for comments Paolo good luck creating your Wealth with Crypto

      Crypto Dave

  2. Wow, an Online Class for Cryptocurrency, Cryptoversity sounds really interesting. I keep hearing about bitcoins and blockchains, in particular, a lot of my friends are actually involved in that especially now since the pandemic is heavily affecting the economy. How long do you think it will take for us to finish the course without prior knowledge?

    1. Honestly, there are hours of info in the course but it is structured in an easy to learn way, it is broken down into little chunks, once you have purchased it you have it for life so if you need to you can just go back over it.

      It does not matter how long it takes as long as you are participating in the crypto game then you will be creating Wealth with Crypto.

      Crypto Dave

  3. Crypto Currency is still a relatively new concept for most people, so a course like this for someone who would like to learn more about Crypto is ideal. This is the first time I have seen a course offered, rather than just some program one can join, and this makes more sense for anyone wanting to get into the Crypto Game.

    The pricing isn’t too bad either, but I think I would prefer the $59 per month option if it means getting access to it all.

    1. For me it’s all about Knowledge, applied knowledge is true power. 

      I have learnt to trade 100% independent, I make all my own decisions and I am responsible for my actions not some program or bot trading for me.

      Cryptoversity is good to learn about crypto but if you are serious about trading it start with this free course it is much better suited for trading==>> https://2dsirecrypto.com/Free-… feel free to ask any questions and remember …

      Ther are NO Limits

      Crypto Dave

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