How to Trade in Bitcoin

How to Trade in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is becoming more popular and mainstream every day. Even PayPal has recently come on board with crypto. In general, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the way of currency in the future, and there is a lot of potentials to make a lot of money with it. A lot of big investors have been buying up 100s of millions in BTC.

I personally think Bitcoin is a great investment, but I also know you can make a lot of money and generate good cash flow if you know how to trade crypto. Let’s have a look and see what is required to learn how to trade in Bitcoin.

CoinSpotHow Hard is it to Trade in Bitcoin?

Trading is not hard, with technology these days you can even do it from your phone. There are heaps of ways to trade bitcoin these days as well. There are option contracts, perpetual futures contract, and you can trade one against the other. There is also a multitude of exchanges to choose from. Unfortunately, the crypto space is renowned for scams, so how do you know where to start.

With the right information you can fast track your journey to Wealth with Crypto I believe the best way is to educate yourself, that way you do not have to rely on anyone else and you are 100% responsible for your own money, you don’t need to rely on anybody else.

Learning the Trading Strategies is not hard; opening up all the accounts and buying crypto is not hard. Trading Psychology and having the discipline to follow your Trading Plan takes a bit of work, but you can fast track this part with help. To be successful at trading, crypto does take some work and discipline but is achievable. Statistics show that around 90% fail at trading; this is why it is important to have the right information to start.

The Right Help Does Matter

So it is not hard to learn How to Trade in Bitcoin, but you will almost certainly fail as a trader without the right help. If you want to jump straight in and start learning how to trade bitcoin for profit from someone who is respected and proven in the world of Crypto start with the Free Trading Course

The free course will take you through what you need to start trading Bitcoin and show you how to set up everything correctly. In simple terms, you will need some coin or crypto for your trading account, a platform or exchange for placing your trades on using your PC or phone, laptop etc…. and some free charts apart from that you need a good plan and a strategy to use.

Buying Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is really easy these days. You can do it very easy and quickly with a credit card online. One of the easiest and safest places to do this is at a place like CoinSpot or  Coinbase you can even earn some free crypto at coinbase.

There are many other options out there but if you are serious about learning how to trade in Bitcoin join up for your Free Trading Account because there are video tutorials on all the topics you need to know to get you trading safely in no time.

Why Trade Bitcoin and Not Just HODL.

You can HODL crypto and make good money in fact you could have made around 90% ROI on BTC in the last few months, and XRP went up 100% in a few days as well. Although these moves happen regularly in Crypto they can also go down just as fast when trading you can make money when a coin is going up or down, you can go long or short on crypto.

There are also many other good coins apart from Bitcoin to trade, I trade for cash flow and invest or HODL some profits.

I have traded various markets over the years. Still, none are as dynamic or as flexible as the crypto markets, for a start they are open 24/7 so you can trade whenever it suits you, having a market that you can trade anytime, day or night at home and make good money, how awesome is that?

What Do I Need to Trade

The way that I trade using only Technical Analysis is simple and is very easy to learn to give the Free Trading Course a go and see for your self, apart from the know-how that the course will give you, you need to open a few accounts, a computer or phone and some money to start. You really don’t need a lot to start either you could start with a few hundred dollars, and I only risk 1% of my trading bank on any one trade, so I don’t consider it risky either.Ledger Live Coinify

So How Do I Start?

Sure you can get on google and find a heap of info on How to Trade in Bitcoin but a lot of it will be a scam or just some Guru trying to sell you the latest Get-Rich-Quick strategy, don’t fall for the hype. They probably don’t even trade and make money selling courses.

Experience Matters – The free trading course that I offer comes from a very experienced trader. The strategies he teaches work on FX because that is where he developed them; however, he uses them exclusively on crypto now. I am part of his community and know that he is the real deal for crypto trading.

If you are keen to get into crypto, I would highly recommend you start with THE FREE CRYPTO TRADING COURSE that way you can try it for free before you spend any more money on crap courses or strategies.

Learn to Trade for FreeConclusion

Once you learn how to trade in Bitcoin successfully, you will never have to work another day in your life for anyone else. You will be financially free once you learn to make Wealth with Crypto. The fastest way to do this is to follow someone who has already achieved this. Sure you need a strategy, a plan, the right psychology and you need to work at it but I can show you how you can learn all this and Become a Master Trader <<=== It starts by clicking that link.

Happy Trading

Crypto Dave

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

6 thoughts on “How to Trade in Bitcoin”

  1. Great input Dave,

    I heard a lot about Coinbase but have never had the courage to start trading yet as I don’t really understand how it works but hearing from you bitcoin trading can be self-taught, I can’t wait to give it a try TraderCobb, I’m optimistic! Do you think I need knowledge of the market trends in order to trade during the pandemic? You know, since the world’s economy is uncertain until next year.

    1. The free course is definitely the best place to start… Honestly crypto has been going off during the pandemic Bitcoin is up around 100% and the experts are predicting it could be between $100-$300K in the next few years. 

      Now is the time to be in crypto, we use technical analysis so stuff like the pandemic doesn’t affect the way we trade.

      Crypto Dave

  2. I don’t have personal experience with bitcoin but my son-in-law does. He has joined a program with a mentor in the last six months and is both loving it and making money. In fact he’s making so much that he’s talking about doing it full time once he sells his business. He’s very confident with it and doesn’t believe it’s risky if you follow the rules he’s been given. If you can use a good mentor to support you to do it properly and it’s something that you enjoy I say go for it. It seems like a pretty easy way to make money at the moment. 

    1. It is a great way to make money anytime and yes I agree you need a good mentor, I am part of the community at TraderCobb… They have a lot of excellent mentors available there. Glad your son-in-law is doing well, ask him when he thinks Bitcoin will break $20K

      You should give it a go you never know you might like it, creating Wealth with crypto is fun.

      Crypto Dave

  3. I’ve been trying to get into trading Bitcoin for such a long time, but I’ve always stumbled upon a “Make $1000 by tomorrow” course for some reason. I’ve been scammed a couple of times before, and I have been hesitant towards investing in a new course because of that.

    The fact that your recommendation is free is a huge GO-GO for me, and I might just give it a try. Great article, by the way. I really enjoyed reading it!

    1. Hi Gorjan
      Yes unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there in the crypto space, that is why I recommend The Free “Try Before you Buy” course, that way you can see it is not a scam and find out if it is something you might want to continue with.
      Crypro Dave

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