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How to Invest with Crypto | CAKE DeFi Lending Services

You already own crypto but do you know how to invest with crypto? The crypto space has opened up a lot of opportunities, especially in the DeFi space. Do you know what POS is? Did you know you can Stake your crypto? I am currently getting 37% APY staking my crypto.

You probably know about mining Bitcoin, but what about Liquidity Mining? I am currently getting around 200% APY liquidity mining. Although I don’t consider these options very risky, there is some risk, but what if I could show you a way to get guaranteed returns on your BTC & ETH up to 7.5% APY and 8% on USDT.

CAKE DeFi Lending Service provides cash flow for your Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH and Tether USDT. Your principal and returns are fully guaranteed and risk-free with potential bonuses so if you are HODLing, why not get some Guaranteed returns on your crypto.

What is Lending Service?

The lending service provided at CAKE DeFi is where you can lock your BTC/ ETH/ USDT in an option contract for a period of 4 weeks at a time and earn guaranteed interest.

Service summary:

  • A Lending batch runs for 4 weeks, but they start and end every Friday. Once your investment is locked in the contract, it is not available for the 4 week period.
  • Base returns are guaranteed with potential bonuses if the spot price ends within a specific range.
  • The expected APY (annual percentage yield) might differ from batch to batch. It will be displayed on the website before you enter a batch.
  • You can invest any amount of BTC/ ETH/ USDT.
  • After the 4 weeks period of the batch, you will have the option to auto-compound (automatically roll-over) into the next batch, withdraw only your proceeds, or your entire principal + returns to your account.
  • The Lending Service does not charge fees from users. We receive commissions directly from our partners.

CAKE DeFi Explained

So if you HODL, it makes sense to get some guaranteed returns on your coin, that’s money for nothing.

So what is CAKE DeFi?

Cake is a platform for investing your crypto. There are three ways to invest in CAKE.

  1. Lending Service
  2. Staking
  3. Liquidity Mining

I personally do all 3 on their platform. I use some of my profits from trading to invest at Pool by CAKE. I have been using CAKE for months and have found them faultless. They are also 100% transparent, which goes a long way in the crypto space. They plan to be around for the long term and have big plans for the future.

Watch this short video on CAKE DeFi’s Vision.

How to Invest with Crypto at CAKE DeFi

Cake has made it really simple to put your crypto to work. All you need to do is open an account which you can do here ===> Open my CAKE Account Then you need to make a deposit. You can transfer crypto straight from your wallet, or you can choose to purchase crypto on the platform with fiat currency.

They have various options for deposits, I have deposited BTC directly from my wallet seamlessly and have also used Poli to transfer AUD without fees. Once you have made your deposit, you need to select how you will invest your coin. I have written previous posts on Staking & Liquidity Mining so will not cover those today. I’ll just cover the Lending service.

Once you have opened your account and funded it, you need to click on the Lapis Tab at the top of the site. From here, you need to choose what batch you want to enter and what crypto you want to invest. You can choose between BTC/ ETH/ USDT.

Just click the ENTER button on the batch you wish to enter. The Batch will be started on the following Friday and be locked for 4 weeks, in the end, you have the choice to reinvest, take profits or both. I use the auto-compound feature and re-invest my returns. I figure if I am going to HODL, I might as well earn some guaranteed interest on it.

Other Investment Options

As I have mentioned, I actively trade crypto on an exchange. I like to invest the profits from my trading into other options like CAKE DeFi. I have also participated in some ICO’s  Be warned – these can be very risky, you also have the potential to make a lot of money with ICO’s. Many ICO’s are just scams you can read more about them on my post What is an ICO Crypto?

I have just started using the DCA strategy for buying BTC as well. I buy small amounts weekly and have set this up, so it happens automatically. DCA stands for Dollar Cost Averaging. It is a simple investment strategy where you buy small amounts regularly.

As an example let’s say you just banked $100 every week for a year, you would have $5,200 at the end of a 1 year period 100 x 52 = 5200

If you did the same with Bitcoin regardless of weekly price and just purchased $100 worth of BTC every week, based on BTC prices for last year you would have around $14,000. That figure is based on 2020 price action.

To get a better understanding of DCA have a look at this article, ===> Investopedia Dollar-Cost Averaging.

Final Thoughts

I really think blockchain and crypto are the way of the future, whether we like it or not. I have chosen to take part in the crypto space, and it is working for me. Just recently a lot of big players like Goldman Sachs, Square, MicroStrategy, PayPal etc…have been dropping hundreds of millions into BTC, this has pushed BTC to all-time highs.

A lot of confidence has come into the Bitcoin market because these big investors are putting their money into BTC. A recent Leaked Citibank Report said Bitcoin could reach $300,000 by the end of 2021 and they are not the only ones who think this.

Cryptocurrency is the future of investing, and now you know How to Invest in Crypto which option will you choose? There are many scams in the crypto space so be very wary, but I don’t think you can go wrong with CAKE DeFi even if you just want to HODL and use their guaranteed Lending service to earn a little extra interest, this could prove very profitable. It’s Like having your CAKE and being able to eat it too.

What are you waiting for? Get your slice today.

Bitcoin & DFI to the MOON!

Crypto Dave


! DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

14 thoughts on “How to Invest with Crypto | CAKE DeFi Lending Services”

  1. I’m glad to see that there are so many options when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. I started out a few years ago and stopped because of a few complications that occurred while I was switching banks… but I’m sure I can find more ways to invest. Thank you for writing this article!

    1. Now is the time to be in the market, my friend. If only you were still HODLing, you would have made some good coin most crypto is up between a few hundred and thousands % in the last few years. 

      Crypto Dave

  2. I have never been too keen on Bitcoin. mainly because I don’t; understand it, But the information you shared gives me some confidence to dive in a little to see what the outcome will be, thank you for taking the time to detail your experience with Bitcoin. I look forward to trying out this type of investment

    1. Hi Chuck, Crypto and Blockchian are only becoming more mainstream, get on board.

      I have been personally dealing with CAKE for months now they are legit and your returns are guaranteed, can’t get better than that.

      Crypto Dave

  3. I admit I don’t know much about crypto currency nor investing with it but your article does intrigue me. At first glance it almost looks too good to be true. A way for someone with little savings and with little to put aside, yet could still somehow create a substantial little pillow for themselves. I will definitely have to look more into the crypto world. Thanks so much for your sound advice!

    1. Hi Shannon, CAKE is an awesome place to start your crypto journey. They are 100% transparent and yes you can start with the smallest amounts and just keep compounding it. You will find it adds up quickly especially when you can make up 200% APY. Just use this link to start Investing at CAKE.
      Be the Best you can Be
      Crypto Dave

  4. For someone who knows nothing about Bitcoins, I have found this very interesting and informative.

    I didn’t realise that there were so many different parts to the process.  I thought it was just like a savings account, but I now see that it can be much more.

    If the risk is very low then the returns are too good to miss out on for not investing your bitcoins.  It is also a good idea to keep reinvesting as that way it will grow even quicker.

    Thanks for this great information.

    1. No worries Geoff, It is guaranteed returns, and it is even insured, so you can’t go wrong.

      Lending BTC is only one of the ways I generate cash flow from my crypto. I currently Stake @ Cake DeFi and get around 100% APY, and it is very low risk. I have been doing it for months. Check it out here ===>

      Crypto Dave

  5. I came across your site by accident, and now you have me intrigued. I understood most of it. I def need to do more research. But I still have some questions. What do you recommend a beginner do who wants to invest in Bit Coin? Does CAKE offer or do anything for novice investors?

    1. Yes, CAKE is a user-friendly platform where you can buy and invest in Bitcoin and get guaranteed returns. That is the Lending service in the post.

      CAKE DeFi is a great place to start your crypto journey. Have a look at this post

      DeFi Dave

  6. Hi. Thanks for writing this. It’s so good to find your article.

    You provide all the information needed, even I who didn’t know much about investing got the main points of your article. Investing with crypto seems to be super easy even for beginners.

    I have some friends who invest so I will forward this article to them, I’m sure they will find it as much interesting as I did.

    1. Hi Investing in crypto is easy but you need to be in the game to get the rewards. Why don’t you give it a go?

      DeFi Dave

  7. Monique Charland

    Dear Crypto Dave:

    Thanks for a very interest article about Investing/Trading with Crypto Online.

    Before reading your article, all I knew about investing and trading with Crypto was what I had heard from some well-meaning friends who bragged about having an “inside source”, that crypto currencies were the way to go if you wanted to make real money.

    After reading your article, I now know a little bit more about crypto currencies and its tremendous potential for serious investors.

    I found your paragraph “How to Invest with Crypto – CAKE DeFi Lending Services” of particular interest.

    I didn’t know that such opportunities existed.  I was particularly interested to hear how you can STAKE your crypto  and that you were currently getting 37% APY staking your crypto.   That is certainly a high interest rate, and it captured my attention.   I will definitely look into it.

    How can you buy Crypto?

    I was intrigued by what you said in this paragraph:  “CAKE DeFi Lending Service provides cash flow for your Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH and Tether USDT. Your principal and returns are fully guaranteed.”  You can’t do much better than that!

    I’m beginning to agree with you that “blockchain and crypto are the way of the future, whether we like it or not.” 

    Very interesting article!

    1. Hi Monique

      Yes, the DeFi world of crypto definitely has opened up a lot of opportunities for investing. I have to tell you though that staking at CAKE DeFi is now around 90% return because of a reduction in master nodes. 90% returns with very little risk sure beat the banks.

      As for buying crypto, it is really easy these days you can buy on any number of exchanges or platforms. You can buy directly on CAKE but will pay a premium because they are not an exchange. You can even buy crypto on PayPal now.

      Be the Best you can Be

      DeFi Dave

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