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Cryptocurrency Trading Charts

If you want to trade crypto, you will need good charts. Most exchange platforms don’t have ideal charts to trade-off or for technical analysis, so I will show you what I use and how I use them. You don’t need to buy expensive charts. You can start for free and upgrade if or when you need to.

Why I Use Trading View.

Why do I use TradingView for my charts because I believe they are the best for strategies that I use, and you can start for free? Now the free version does have some limitations, but the free version is certainly good enough to start with then; as you need to, you can upgrade. Most of the major exchanges also use TradingView for their charts.

They also have a good mobile app that I personally do not use all that much, but they are convenient to have when you are out and about and want to look at the market. I mainly use the mobile app when I am in a position, and I am away from my computer so I can still monitor my positions; Tradingview App is ideal for this.

If you trade any other markets, TradingView has that covered too. You can view Cryptocurrencies, Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Futures and Bonds. Tradingview has heaps of other stuff available, but to be honest, I do not use it. For the way that I trade, I need simple candlestick charts and a couple of indicators. I started on the Free Basic version and upgraded to Pro once I got going.

Wealth with Crypto Tip – if you intend to upgrade, start with the basic version first, and they will offer you discounts to upgrade.

Starting with your Free Account

The Basic version is fine to get started. You can watch whatever market you want, add a couple of indicators, and you can do your backtesting.

So to get your charts, just hit the start now button on the basic plan. You will then need to create your TradingView account, so you can log in and start.

You can download your Free Basic version of tradingview and get started right here ==>>FREE CHARTS.

Chart Setup.

It really will depend on what strategy you are using as to how you will set up and view your charts. Have a play around; you won’t break anything. I have found this the best way to find all the features. Having said that, I will take you through some basic features and show you how I set my charts up to trade Crypto.

Trading View Chart Setup – Video

Setting Up your Watchlist – Video

You should know your way around TradingView a little by now. They also have the help area if you get stuck and tutorials; there is a lot of info. I have just shown you a few basics that relate to how I personally trade, but there are thousands of more options available.

Other StuffFree Crypto Course

What I have shown you is truly only a small part of what TradingView has to offer. I only use what is relevant to the way I trade. I only use the MACD and two moving averages. If you want to learn how I personally trade, you can look at this == >> Free Course.

There are thousands of indicators and tools available on TradingView. You can make custom indicators, and you can set alarms and alerts on the charts and do all sorts of stuff beyond me. If you are into fundamentals, I am sure there are news articles on there for you. People share their views and write articles if you want to read them; they have their own community.

Take your time and have a good look around. You will probably learn something new as well. I learnt that they have stuff like this cool Cryptocurrency Market Widget below.

Decentralized Finance made EASY.

Time to UpGrade?

Depending on the strategy you use and how you trade will determine if you need to upgrade or not. If you are only trading using a couple of indicators and time frames, you will get away with the basic version. I like to look at multiple charts simultaneously, so I use the Pro version, which is the only reason I use Pro.

Like I mentioned, if you do want to upgrade, do not pay the full price, tell them it is too expensive, and they will offer you a discount.



As far as Cryptocurrency Trading Charts go, I don’t think you can go past TradingView, there are other options out there, but for crypto, I think TradingView is the best around, don’t just take my word for it, though get your free account and have a look around the charts – Get your Free Charts HERE ===>> TradingView

Remember traders, if you have any questions about your charts drop me a message in the box below or anything crypto-related for that matter. I would love to hear from you and remember…

There are NO Limits

Crypto Dave

❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.


10 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Trading Charts”

  1. Thank you for sharing this article about cryptocurrency Dave, I appreciate it. Cryptocurrency has come to my attention several times along my journey, but I have never my the jump to actually do something with it. I am just not sure it is really something for me. I think when I may start, I may work quite addictive when you have won, right? 

    Do you spend a lot of time a day on cryptocurrency to be successful at it? I feel kind of curious, and my try out the free version, maybe it is time for me to give it a go. 

    What is the best tip you would give to a newbie starting out doing cryptocurrency?

    Kind regards,



    1. Hi Jude, Thanks for questions. Yes crypto can be addictive when you have a good win but you need to learn to keep your emotions in check when trading but you will learn to do that.

      You can spend a little or a lot of time trading it really depends on your current lifestyle and what sort of trader you will be but once again you can learn all this on the free course.

      Tip – Just take your time and go through the course and if you don’t understand anything go back and listen again or just ask here. Take your time and you will learn how to create Wealth with Crypto and remember………

      Be the Best you can Be.

      Crypto Dave

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the article.

    I have tried this type of trading, though it was for binary options. I must say, I have never come across a platform that has a Free option – not in this type of business! It makes me wonder whether the Free option is not so basic as to likely be frustrating. You can indeed get disillusioned in this type of business! I hope this platform is cognisant of that fact.

    But as you say, I will not break anything or get spanked if I play around with the charts. So let me try ..


    1. Hi, The free charts are great but I would suggest that if you have only looked at binary options that you also do the free trading course which you can get on my TraderCobb Review post.

      If you do both of those courses you will be on your way to creating Wealth with Crypto!

      Crypto Dave

  3. This is a really great explanation about Cryptocurrency Trading Charts. For someone just starting to get into the realm of cryptocurrencies, this is very valuable data.
    I will look at the free course on your link and free basic version of tradingview, and if I have any questions, I am glad you are here and I can contact you.
    Thanks for this informative article and your experience and recommendations regarding trading charts.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hi Nina and welcome aboard the crypto train, exciting times.

      Yes I would highly recommend you start with the free course and just because it is free doesn’t mean that it is not a good value, the feedback is that people are getting more value out of the free course than many others they paid big dollars for, anyway give it a go and feel free to ask any question. The free TadingView charts are fine to start with also, there is some good info about setting up your charts on the course.

      Crypto Dave

  4. Hi Dave, thank you for the information! I am actually not busy with cryptocurrencies. I have Ethereum, but I don’t do anything with it at the moment. Maybe I will have a look into it again next year. I might get back to you, asking you more about the Trading Charts. It is always good to know which value they have. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia

      ETH has been performing well; it is currently at $750. You should look at the free course, and it will set you up for watching your ETH.

      Crypto Dave

  5. I’ve seen loads of this before and I have also dabbled in it quite a bit. Looking at charts, counting highs and lows. A free account looks like a good place to start. I also have a few friends I can this with who would love to know more about it. The charts on trading view look simple enough to work without taking away too many tools, that is a point I definitely enjoy.

    1. Trading view is a great free option for charts. I only use a couple of indicators, and I like the KISS principle.

      The free trading course is the place to start; you will learn how to set up your charts and open all your accounts etc…

      Crypto Dave

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