Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

Cryptocurrency trading and investing can be great for creating Wealth with Crypto. I personally do both and don’t consider it risky at all. Once you learn to manage your risk properly, trading can be very profitable with no big surprises. I use my profits from trading to invest with crypto.

Staking and liquidity mining are ways to put your crypto to work for you and earn a passive income. Investing with crypto can be very lucrative if done correctly. If you Do Your Own Research and consider the risks vs reward, you should be comfortable investing with crypto as well.

To be totally honest, I don’t trade near as much as I used to now, I know how to get good returns on my investments with crypto. I have been getting around 100% returns, liquidity mining and staking, so I only take the perfect set up trades now.

When combined with the right strategies and risk management, cryptocurrency trading and investing are awesome ways to Create Wealth with crypto… Let me show you how.

Trading Crypto

Trading crypto can be very profitable when done the right way. Unfortunately, too many people don’t manage their risk correctly and don’t have a trading plan to follow. They might have a few lucky wins before losing all their money and then blame everything else but themselves for the loss.

I have been trading for around 20 years now with varying success, but the method I use now is foolproof if you follow your Trading Plan and follow the checklist method. You need the right Trading Psychology and risk management, and you can be a profitable trader with minimal risk on the table.


The way I trade now, I have two checklists; each one has several points that have to be met.

  1. The 1st list has several conditions that MUST be met before I even consider taking a trade. ALL conditions HAVE to be met; close enough is NOT good enough. It has to be black or white, No Grey.
  2. The 2nd list is more of a nice to have list of Bonus factors. It also has several conditions to be met. The difference is these are optional. The more boxes I can tick on this list, the higher the probability of a successful trade. It is NO guarantee. It just increases the odds a little.

Now that I am making good consistent returns, around 100% investing with crypto, I have become fussy with my trading. I only take the perfect trade setups now and don’t feel any pressure to trade. It is a good place to be. I can cherry-pick the trades I want to take while making consistent returns from my investing.

Checklist Trading Approach

As I have mentioned, the way I trade now is with a checklist and is 100% mechanical. Nothing is subjective; it is black & white. I have found this way to be very good as it takes all the emotions out of trading, you are just playing a game of probabilities, and you have the edge.

If you want to start trading this way and learn the exact strategies I use, you can start for free. Just click on this link ===> Free Crypto Trading Course. 

This is an excellent free course and is a prerequisite to the “Become a Master” trading course.

What you’ll learn

  • The fundamentals of tradingBitcoin
  • How to read the charts
  • Understand price action
  • The indicators to use and ones to ignore
  • The importance of managing risk
  • How to determine trend

What you’ll get

  • 3.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Downloadable resources
  • News Updates
  • Articles and guides
  • Free Tools

You get all that on the free course. If you want to go on and “Become a Master” crypto trader, you can purchase the exact strategies that I use from the link.

The strategies are great because you can use them on any timeframe on any market. Once you have the strategies you can decide when and how often you want to trade. You can trade a little or a lot. I personally trade less these days. I wait for the perfect setups that have a lot of bonus factors. When I have profits, I invest them and get around 100% returns.

Investing with Crypto

Investing with crypto does not have to be hard or risky. Sure, you have to do some research and take some risk, but you can manage this as well, so you are comfortable with your investments.

Staking and Liquidity Mining are relatively new concepts in the crypto space but are becoming popular very fast because of the high returns. I personally do both and have found an excellent project that I think has a massive future in Decentralized Finance.

What is StakingCake DeFi

You will see that you can Stake coins on most of the bigger crypto exchanges these days. When you stake on an exchange or platform, you are just providing collateral to run a master node on that network.

You can only Stake coins that run on a POS blockchain. Wikipedia says – Proof of stake (PoS) protocols are a class of consensus mechanisms for blockchains that work by selecting validators in proportion to their stake in the associated cryptocurrency.

In simple terms, you get rewards for confirming transaction on the blockchain. You can do this without running a master node by putting your coins into a staking pool. The most transparent, reliable and trusted place I have found to Stake with the best returns is by far CAKE DeFi.

I am currently getting returns of over 90% APY staking DFI at Cake DeFi. To learn how to stake at Cake, you can read my post on How to Stake Crypto.

Once you understand the project and how the system works, you will realise there is minimal risk with Staking. I get paid Staking rewards every 12 hrs at Cake, and I compound them in my account. To learn more about Staking and the risk involved, watch this video from Julian, one of the co-founders of CAKE DeFi.

So now you know what staking is and the risks involved, let’s look at Liquidity Mining.

Liquidity Mining

In simple terms, Liquidity Mining is just the act of supplying funds or liquidity to the decentralized exchange, and for this, you get rewarded. A decentralized exchange can not work without a pool of liquidity. These rewards encourage people to supply that liquidity.

Please watch the video to get a full explanation of Liquidity Mining, including the risks involved.

To find out more about Liquidity Mining, you can read about it here ===> What is Liquidity Mining | CAKE DeFi Review

My final thoughts on Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

It has taken me quite a while to get to a place where I am happy and comfortable with cryptocurrency trading and investing. There are thousands of strategies and just as many coins that you can invest in, and most will probably fail. I believe I have found a way to do both successfully.

I watch the markets, but I will only take the best trade setups. When I have some profits, I move them over to my wallet on the DeFiChain. From there, I put it into the liquidity pool and receive a little over 100% APR. I move rewards daily over to my account at CAKE DeFi, where I stake my Liquidity mining rewards for a return of around 95% APY.

Investing alone when you can get 100% returns is great, so why would I trade as well and risk loss?
Because the way I trade is profitable, very low risk, and I can short the market trading futures contracts. So if the market goes into a bull run, I can continue to make profits.

I believe I have found the perfect combination between trading and investing. I have found a truly excellent project in DeFiChain. What I do is not hard; it just takes a little bit of time to learn about it all, but it is well and truly worth it when you do. The biggest thing is to do your own research.


I will leave some links below where you can DYOR

CAKE DeFi – Info and Open an account

DeFiChain Official Website – ALL info, White Paper etc…

Upside & Risks of an Investment in DeFiChain (DFI)

CAKE Defi– Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel DeFiChain

That will keep you busy for a while. Please, if you have any more question, leave me a message below. I honestly think I have found an excellent way for cryptocurrency trading and investing to work for me, and I know you can do it too.

Be the Best you can Be
DeFi Dave

! DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

4 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing”

  1. Thanks for bringing us this detailed information on crypto trading and investment.

    I have thought about this on many occasions but the fear of the unknown always puts me off.  I agree that if I have a set of rules to follow and stick to them then the risk would be reduced.

    I suppose I should start small and that way I can get the confidence built up.

    1. If you want to get rid of your fear Geoff start with the Free Crypto Course. You will learn all the basics, and then you can decide if it is something that you want to do. 

      I only ever risk 1% of my trading bank on any 1 trade, so I have to make 100 bad trades in a row to lose my trading bank. That will NOT happen.

      Good luck, don’t be scared. Once you learn about it, you will never look back.

      DeFi Dave

  2. Interesting post, written about a subject which is under rated, yet a growing market, where Crypto Currency is concerned.

    Staking and Liquidity mining, can be used for a variety of different things, among them advertising, through sites which accept Crypto Currency for advertising packages.

    Trading can be a dangerous game, if not treated with respect, however, by the same terms by comparison to Forex trading, then it has lower threshold limits, and while the risk is still there, you have some degree of control over how you trade, which is nicely explained in this post, both through written and video content.

    What can be said about these two methods is this. If you are diligent about the process and commit to at least 100 days straight with it, then that will lay down good solid foundations to lead you to Crypto Wealth.

    1. Hi Dave

      I agree totally it can be a dangerous game if you don’t know what you are doing but so is driving a car. If you follow my recommendations it is not dangerous. Anyone can learn to trade and invest and be successful if done the right way.

      I only use the methods I recommend because they work and help me to create Wealth with crypto.

      DeFi Dave

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