Crypto investing for beginners

Crypto Investing for Beginners

The world of crypto can be quite daunting when you first start. It can be a steep learning curve, and in fact, there is a whole new crypto lingo that you will need to learn. Don’t worry, though. Crypto Investing for Beginners can be very easy and safe if you do it the correct way.

“But isn’t crypto risky?” I hear you say. It can be yes, and the crypto market can be very volatile also, but if you invest the right way, you can greatly reduce your risk. In fact, I can even show you how to invest and have your principal insured & get guaranteed returns.

Most people think crypto is risky because they do not understand it—the old fear of the unknown. Once you fully understand crypto and the blockchain technology behind it, there really is not much at all to fear. You need to do a bit of research to find a solid project and invest in it.

I have found what I believe to be one of the best crypto projects currently out there. I honestly believe it has massive potential in the crypto DeFi space, and you can also generate passive income with minimal risk from it. I am currently getting paid rewards daily – returns of around 90% APY.

How to Get Started

This is a Crypto Investing for Beginners guide, so I will only be talking about the one platform, CAKE DeFi. CAKE is a company that is registered in Singapore. It is an investment platform that is fully transparent and can be trusted 100%.Cake DeFi

Cake is a great place for someone new to crypto to start investing and get fantastic rewards daily, safely, with minimal risk. That is why I recommend it for people new to crypto. Cake also has an awesome support team. If you ever need help, you can raise an official support ticket and have your problem resolved.

Cake also has a heap of educational material available about all their services, so you can learn all about what you are investing in, including the risks involved.

Check out this short video from the founder – CAKE DeFi Explained in under 2 mins.

Open your account at CAKE DeFi.

For a limited time, Cake DeFi is running an additional sign-up promotion.

When your referee signs up for a Cake DeFi account using your referral link / code, and they make a minimum deposit of $50 or more (USD), you will receive a bonus of $10 worth of DFI, and your referee will also receive an extra bonus of $30 worth of DFI.

These bonuses will be locked up for 180 days in the Cake DeFi Freezer program and will automatically yield staking returns during this time.

My referral  Link ===> Open your CAKE account with Bonus included

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To join, click the link above & follow the prompts. The next step will be KYC.

KYC – Know Your Customer

This is just a verification process. You will need to provide some forms of identity for verification before you can use your account.

CAKE DeFi – KYC Everything you need to know

Verification usually only takes a day or so. Then, once you are verified, you can use the platform. The next step is getting some Crypto onto the platform. You have a few options here, depending on where you live and how you want to go about it.

  • Transfer your crypto straight into your CAKE wallet.
    1. You can transfer BTC, ETH, DFI and a few others from an external wallet straight into your wallet at Cake.
    2. Converting BTC -DFI
      If you convert via Cake Defi, the rate is higher than that of the exchanges due to the institutional premium with partners. This is for the sake of convenience for those who don’t have access to an exchange that sells DFI.
    3. Kucoin or Bittrex Global are the best options at the moment for purchasing DFI and sending it to CAKE.
  • Buy Crypto on Cake DeFi.
    1. You can purchase BTC & ETH with fiat currency on Cake through a 3rd party vendor. You will pay a slight premium for the convenience. You will also pay for the swap to DFI, so you are better off doing this from an exchange as mention above.


Once you have funded your account, it will be available in your Cake wallet for investing. You have a few options here; let’s have a look at those.

How & What to Invest In at CAKE DeFi

There are three different ways to put your coins to work at Cake.

  1. Lending Service
  2. Staking & Freezing
  3. Liquidity Mining

Lending service

you can loan out your crypto and get a guaranteed return, yes, Guaranteed. How is this possible, you ask?

All funds in Lending (Lapis, BTC, ETH & USDT) – are 100% insured by our partners, and the partners also guarantee the returns!

Returns for Lending are between 5% – 8% AP


 is a relatively new idea that uses Proof of Stake rather than Proof of Work for consensus on the blockchain. It is just a way to rewards the master nodes on the network for confirming the transactions. CAKE DeFi run the Master nodes and pool your funds to run them. It cost 20,000 DFI collateral to run a master node.

I know it may sound a little confusing at first, but it is legit and is simply a way to rewards people for securing the network. If you want to learn more about staking, you can go to my post ===> How to Stake Crypto | CAKE DeFI

Currently, staking returns are around 100% APY and will slowly drop over time as per the emission schedule and as more Master nodes are spun up.

Staking Explained

Liquidity Mining

– has the highest returns and carries the highest risk, although I still consider the risk minimal. Returns around 80% – 90% APR are possible liquidity mining. Liquidity mining is, in simple terms loaning your crypto to the Decentralized Exchange. In return for providing liquidity to the DEX pool, you get paid rewards.

Liquidity Mining on Cake DeFi explained simply and quickly. (Under 3minutes!)

To learn more about Liquidity mining and the risks, go to my post ==> What is Liquidity Mining | CAKE DeFi Review

The main risk with Liquidity Mining is an impermanent loss. To learn about the risk, you can watch this Youtube video from the link below.

===> Impermanent Loss & other Liquidity Mining risks explained <===

The Future with CAKE DeFi

CAKE DeFi is a company based in Singapore. It is simply a beginner-friendly crypto investing platform. Dr Julian Hosp, the Co-founder of CAKE, also started the DeFiChain network.

DeFiChain has its own Native coin, which is DFI. DeFiChain is a blockchain built on top of Bitcoin, so it is far more secure than all the others built on Ethereum. Cake uses the DFI coin and runs Master Nodes for the DeFiChain. The DeFiChain is a Decentralized community project.

Personally, I think DeFiChain will have a big future. The coin has the potential to 10x this year. You can read more about DeFiChain here ===>  Upside & Risks of an Investment in DeFiChain (DFI)

As for CAKE DeFi, they are the most transparent company I have ever seen. They can be trusted and also have a great support team behind them. CAKE DeFi has Crypto Investing for Beginners covered.

Final Thoughts

Crypto Investing for Beginners can be daunting at the start. There are still many scammers and so-called Gurus out there that are ready to take your coins. This is why I highly recommend CAKE DeFi because I know they can be trusted. I have been investing with them for around 1 year. If you have any issues, you raise a support ticket, and they will sort it out for you.

Apart from the official support, they also have communities in the following groups.

There are heaps of video tutorials on the YouTube channel, and you can always get a question answered in the Telegram Group. Help is never far away at CAKE DeFi.

So if you have been sitting on the fence about crypto, this is a perfect way to start investing safely. I am consistently making returns around 90% passively, and I have peace of mind investing at Cake DeFi. It doesn’t get better than that.

Click the Link for a ===> CAKE DeFi – Product Overview

Crypto Investing for Beginners is Safe & Easy at CAKE DeFi open your account today and start getting Fantastic returns and Remember to Be the Best you can Be.

DeFi Dave

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

4 thoughts on “Crypto Investing for Beginners”

  1. Hi Dave. Very interesting post. Im just starting my adventure with cryptocurrencies and there is still many things I have to learn. To be fair I have not heard before about Cake Defi platform, but looking on your review its great starting point for beginners. Its allows to limit risk and also providing training for a start. Looking forward to test them in practice.

    1. Cake DeFi is the best all-around that I have found, I highly recommend them. Be sure and use my link to join to get your bonus $DFI.

      DeFi Dave

  2. As a beginner, I struggle a lot in investing crypto currency. After seeing your amazing article how should we start investing in crypto currency as a beginner I feel a bit confident, I can give it a try after being educated by your article, I really appreciate that and i wanna ask u that we should invest only in one currency or we should in different crypto currencies, what do you think which one would be better. 

    1. It is always to diversify a little when investing. I personally have BTC, ETH, USDT & DFI invested at CAKE DeFi.
      You won’t go wrong with those. Cake is a great place to start, and it is safe too.

      DeFi Dave 

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