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Bitcoin Games are they worth it?

Best Bitcoin Games

Yes, not trading but Bitcoin games. As bitcoin and crypto become more popular, all sorts of ways have appeared to use Bitcoin; some of those ways are games. You can actually play games and earn Free Bitcoin. You can mine Free bitcoin on your mobile phone, you can play online casinos with your bitcoin. These are just a few of the things you can do to earn and spend your crypto online these days.

Now I will be straight up front; you will not make a lot with these methods, but they are legit, and you can earn some crypto for free. Let’s have a look at some and see if it is worth your while.

Roller Coin

Roller coin is the best one I have found so far; it is a simulated mining game. So what is a simulated mining game, you ask? Well, it is basically as it says. You play games to increase your mining hash rate. The higher your hash rate, the more coin you earn. The catch with this is your power from playing games does not last, so you need to keep playing games. The more you play, the more you earn.

Alternatively, you can purchase miners that will mine at a fixed rate depending on which one you buy. This will mine at a constant rate 24/7, yes, real passive income. No, I have not done the figures, but I would say that some top guys are probably earning quite a bit of coin. I have had a look, and some of them have 4 rooms full of the top miners. Look at the image – 72 miners per room – 4 rooms x 72 = 288 miners.

Each miner cost 0.0022 BTC – 72 x 0.0022 = 0.1584 BTC

0.1584BTC = at today s rate is $2,567.28 Australian Dollar

So this guy at the top has spent around $2500 just on miners that run 24/7 now. He has been doing this for 17 months. I am not sure how much he is making, but he does not play games. He collects this passive income, just like real crypto mining.

Passive Income

Now, what is the point of all this? This guy has created a passive income, but what is RollerCoin really all about?

So it seems they have good intentions and have been around for quite a while. I know they are legit; I have withdrawn BTC & ETH from my account. Ooh, I forgot to say you can earn BTC, ETH, DOGE, and they even have their own token RLT – RollerCoin.

It is interesting to see these sorts of things come out of the crypto space, and they do have some good ideas. If you want to know more, click here and have a look —–>>> RollerCoin

Free Crypto Trading Course


Earn rewards for location data – Earn rewards for your everyday location data with COIN! Redeem your in-app rewards for digital or real-world items.

Now we have all heard about how they are tracking us through our phones, right, well why not sell that data and make some coin.

I first found this phone app when Covid-19 started, and we first went into lockdown. I read up on it and decided to give it a go; there is a free version or a subscription. Now I signed up and subscribed because I thought it was worthwhile, and it was. I made a couple of a hundred dollars worth of crypto. Keep in mind that they are paying you for your data, it is geomining so to make a lot of coins you need to be on the move, so if you do a lot of travelling or drive transport for a living, it will be worth your while if you don’t move it will not make you coin.

Basically, it is just an app that you collect data through and get paid for that data. Once again, you probably will not make a lot unless you drive for a living. You can geomine while walking or riding a bike, but it is not near as profitable as driving.

There are a few ways to collect coins with this app. First, you can geomine (you do this automatically), you can collect geo-drops, you can claim a geo-site, and you can get a sentinel (a blue tooth) device to boost your earnings. Once you collect 10,000 XYO tokens, you can withdraw them to your wallet and exchange them for real crypto.

Click on this link to find out more –>> COIN APP <<– or watch the video below and then click the link.

Storm Gain

Storm Gain is a place where I first started mining crypto on my phone. I could have it running in the background and collecting free crypto; not a lot, about $10 a week, but hey, it was free. The catch is that you can’t withdraw this money, but you can use it to trade and keep 100% profits from your trading.

This is a good way to start. You can earn free crypto and start trading risk-free, it is a basic exchange, and you can even buy crypto with your credit card if you want to top up your account once you start making money. Stormgain is a place where you can mine crypto, buy crypto, exchange crypto, trade and learn.

Storm gain also has trading signals which you can follow. I tried this for a while with some success. The beauty of this is you can start with a 50K paper account and try out their signals to see if they work or try your own trading strategy without risking any of your own coins. You can test and get it right before you risk your own money. They also have a lot of training which seems to be pretty good, although I personally don’t trade the way they teach you will learn some good stuff if you are starting.

Click the Link If you want to learn more about Stormgain


So there you have a few options, some free bitcoin games and some free mining options. As I said, you will probably not create Wealth with Crypto from them, but you can have a bit of fun and start learning all about crypto. I started with a few of these and ended up trading crypto full time once I learned what crypto was all about and its potential.

So if you are new to crypto, why not have a look? You can educate yourself on crypto, have a bit of fun and even earn some Free coin. If you have any questions or know of some good crypto games, let me know at I will add them to the site and remember……..

Best the Best you can Be

Crypto Dave


❗ DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. The content and material I provide on is my opinion only and general in nature. Always do your own research before investing any money. You should always understand the risks involved in trading and investing and seek advice from licensed professionals before undertaking any investments of your own.

8 thoughts on “Bitcoin Games are they worth it?”

  1. Wow! I had no idea  that games that give Bitcoin do exist. The crypto currency era just keeps getting popular and different concepts concerning crypto keeps spawning up. There are a few ways of getting free Bitcoin, so I have heard, and you have just shown us some in your article. Thanks for the information. It is very helpful.

    1. He Kelvin Yes there are a lot of ways to get Free coin these days however these are the ones I have found to be the best, you can also make a bit of coin doing surveys if you are interested let me know and remember………..

      Be the Best you can Be 

      Crypto Dave

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing with us an excellent article on Bitcoin Games. I didn’t know about bitcoin games before but I found out anew from your article. After reading your article, I easily realized that you can easily get bitcoin for free by playing these Bitcoin games and that there are opportunities to use it online. For those who want to play bitcoin games, I would say that if you want to play this game, you must know something about it, otherwise, you will not be able to play the game easily. Finally, I would like to share with you on my social media group to let people know about Bitcoin games. I have read and enjoyed your article.

    1. Hi the actual games part of Rollercoin is really basic you don’t need to know anything about Bitcoin but you might learn something about it along the way, glad you enjoyed it and hope you give them a go, feel free to share.

  3. Bitcoin is an emerging trend in the modern world. This is the first time I heard that bitcoin can be used as a game and that concept sounds interesting to is happy to hear that no sound knowledge of bitcoins to play these games. I consider this is a good entering point to the area of bitcoin.

    I love this really basic game and thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the games, you will not make a lot but you will start to learn some Bitcoin basics which is a good thing. You know BTC is at all-time highs, it is around $23,000 USD so you don’t need a lot, but I can’t seem to get enough.

      Crypto Dave 

  4. Ah, yet another marching advance towards the world of bitcoin. Geocaching games are really fun, I might just give this a shot! I invest with a few other bitcoin related companies too. I use the cash app to store most of my live bitcoin. I also was curious about paypal’s new crypto system, as it looks promising. I remember there was also an app that had a lot of etherium related stuff… D, something…

    1. Yes, it certainly is becoming more mainstream every day, it has been making headlines the last few days with the new ATH.  If you’re into investing crypto have you tried the free course, you will get a lot of value out of it even for investing… 

      There are heaps of crypto apps around now just be careful of scams.

      Happy Investing

      Crypto Dave

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